What is


Sometimes the best and most original ideas come when you least expect them.

These fragments make up the "visions" which contains my unique (only done once, but still "free") design concepts. 
Currently, all my designs have found their new owners but don't get discouraged, I'll be happy to create yours, too!
Let's talk.
Yes. If you want a website for yesterday or "just because it's nice to have", or you're looking for a template site, I'm probably not your guy.
There are also certain industries that I don't do projects for on principle, these are
- Meat industry
- Highly polluting activities e.g. oil industry
- Highly health damaging activities e.g. tobacco
- Companies in the beauty industry that use animal testing
- Adult industry
- Basically any company with a proven record of unethical practices
Yes, of course. On the how I work page you can find out what I do and how I do it exactly. These services are available individually. As for which ones you need depends largely on your and your project's needs.
To price your project accurately, I need to have a clear understanding of the work involved. After discussing your project, I'd be more than happy to write a quote for you.
We are different and so are our business opportunities. You can choose between a lump sum or a service-based project proposal. In the first case, you can expect a higher up-front investment and optional running costs. In the second case, there will be a continuous and predictable monthly fee on a pay-as-you-use basis*.

*Good to know: In the case of a service-based contract we always discuss your business concept, objectives, and opportunities before signing the contract. In this case, there is only a 20% advance but the contract term is longer.
Your monthly fee will include the following if you choose to use your website as a service
- Use of your website
- Operation of your website according to your needs
- Hosting
- Business email

I will create the basic objects, buttons (etc.) needed for the web design but you will need to provide the graphics (e.g. mock-ups), images, and written content for the website. If you need a graphic designer or copywriter, I can recommend a professional I have worked with successfully for years.
I highly recommend Eszter Galiczawhom I have worked with successfully for years.
The first consultation will focus on your business, target audience, and objectives. Before our discussion, please consider the following.
Exactly what you want to sell and to whom.
Do you have one or more products? What are they? Do you provide services?
If it's the latter, what exactly are they and where do you provide them?
What sets you apart from your competitors?
Who are your competitors?
Who is your ideal customer?
To get started with your project, you will need the following.
- Developed business vision and goals
- The content of your website (images, videos, text, etc.) - if you need help, I can recommend a professional I have worked with successfully for years.
- A domain - if you need help, I'll be happy to help you choose and reserve it.
- If you want a webshop, you need a card acceptance gateway (e.g. Barion, Stripe, etc.) registration, and an online biller (Számlázz.hu or Billing).
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